The One Most Important Thing

from whence do we come?to wither do we go?the great questions.but before you shuffle off from this mortal coil,and the world drama,ends for you.what is the one most important thing,that you wish for?

DRAGONSlayer47 DRAGONSlayer47
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23 Responses Feb 26, 2010

lets rock and roll

It's all about love to love and be loved.. to be happy, but, also to have created happiness in the life of others.. if I know I have given this to others... I think I shall be able to die in peace. But, I sure hope I get to travel the world with Tuan first ;-)

all roads lead to rome

(in the truly universal sense of the word)

It is also very Catholic!

that is very zen

It is the fullness that is found in being empty.

please explain

I wish for the great nothing.

a excellent wish

i would wish for a positive all encompassing life for my children

a fine ambition,wiseowl

I guess i just wanna enjoy what's left of my life.Have fun, be healthy and appreciate my blessings. I don't do that enough. I didn't do it at all when I was a young girl...a young woman. Inner peace is a fine goal.

no,i think not so,you will be one with all that is

Yes, but then one's self is still all alone.

yes,tragic but true,maybe tis best to find ones self?

You're right. Sometimes you think you've found them.. and they end up being someone different entirely.

it is hard to find the right one

The most important thing I wish for? Someone to spend the rest of my time on this planet with.

how deep?how beautiful?thus be in the very present moment?

I wish for no more wishes and whimsy for both control ones attention from the beauty and grandeur that is in the moment. Wishes move to thye future away from now. My wish is not to make the wish but to have the wish fulfilled in its arrival.

i hope you find it

you are always an inspiration , i wish for peace.