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Big Girls You Are Beautiful

I am big girl and damn proud. It took me a few years to get to this point and all because drumroll family made me self conscious. I have actually never had strangers or even people I knew at school bully me for it. If someone did say something it was "through the grapevine" because people were too afraid to confront me. The biggest offender in my family? My mother who made it a daily habit (and STILL does) of telling me I was pretty "but if you lost some weight" routine (also as a kid she told me once I took my clothes off guys would hate what they saw). The funny part is my mother was almost 400 pounds telling me this and although she lost weight is still pretty big and unfortunately highly self conscious of herself which to this day has hindered her from fully living life and finding herself beautiful. My family bullied me about it for so long that I believed nobody would want me but in my believing that people really did stay away from me. Not because of my weight but because I made my weight a big deal. Yes I know there are plenty of arguments about how I must be unhealthy yada yada yada. But what I am saying is big girls are just as beautiful as anyone deemed skinny. And trust me not all skinny girls are healthy. Here is what a lot of people who are big and have self esteem issues do not understand, you will be pretty whether you lose weight or gain it. Also if you physically look like a model but on the inside you are Satan reincarnated well sorry but your ugly and people will stop caring how flawless your skin is. I am big and sexy...why because I believe in myself and I love myself! Once I got over what my family and the media expected me to look like I started looking in the mirror and loving what I saw. Once I gained the confidence men started flocking. I know what I want, I go after it and I don't apologize everytime I get naked because dammit I am a loving and beautiful person, why should I? If you don't like it keep it moving. I love my curves and have found freedom in being me.

P.S. big girls stop being offended by the word fat, I know people have made it into a negative reference but if you are fat then you just are. Seriously get over're fat, who cares? It is the same as someone saying they have brown eyes.
smartandbeautiful3 smartandbeautiful3 18-21, F 5 Responses Jun 5, 2012

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Atta girl ! BEing proud of what you are !

Wow, I'm 17 and fat, too. What you said really got me inspired. Thanks for making my day =D

Actually this comment made my day. Most women don't realize this about themselves until they are much older. Nice to know you are so young and realizing this about yourself.

Thanks! =D

You sound wildly sexy, sumptuously big and sexy and a hell of a lot of fun!

Why do you have to be so YOUNG?!

Have a Daddy fantasy you'd like to explore? ;) YUM!

lol actually I do! I have always dated older men. The oldest was almost 20 years my senior. And 21 is not that young at least I am old enough to drink haha.

That's VERY nice to hear! Tell me: wanna get better acquainted with a good looking, sexy, older fat guy? We fat guys can have fun too! And damn it, we can be awesome looking / beautiful too! :) LOL

You are damn right big men are some of the most handsome men I have had the pleasure to meet/be with. What do they call men like you...BHM (big handsome men)?

Indeed! :)

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Wow! You're so strong! You've seen through the barriers of your own family who would confront you everyday and still came out on top. And not only that, you have no illusions clouding your mind about your beauty (which is both how you look and how you are) and have thus strengthened it tremendously! It's so important to know who you are or else you end up trying to live someone else's dream.

I think the problem with people who are big and are self conscious is the fact that they only feel bad about their looks because of others. If the entire world loved the way they looked, weight would never be an issue. People wouldn't be so messed up in the head that they would have thoughts such as "Well I am fat so that makes me ugly, if I throw up my food twice a day I can lose this weight. It will be good for me and will work." People allow others perception of them control how they really feel about themselves.

It's always good to try to find yourself and not be hindered in your daily life over aesthetics. Generally girls that are confident in themselves are found more attractive by guys as well. As long as you feel healthy and try to ensure you are then the actual aesthetics don't have to be as important. <br />
<br />
Besides, the level of skinny that Madison Ave. pushes these past years is horrific, no 'meat on the bones' at all. At the very least there needs to be some balance between the two, not the extremity that's being pushed as 'beautiful'.