Not to get on a huge rant, but why WOULDN'T they?


Why do a lot of people have this preconceived notion that being plump is a disease and we must all be miserable?


Big girls are still girls, and as so are beautiful and feminine....and fun.  It depends solely on personality whether you're having a good time with someone anyway, as far as I'm concerned. Miserable stick-in-the-mud people come in all shapes and sizes. :P

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

as a bigger woman myself people constanly tut at me in supermarkets if i so much as look at the cake section no-one belives that i dont actually eat that much my gp actually said cut down the amount of food i eat i dread going too my gps {general doctors}because he is constanly on about it also relatives are on my case im 29 yrs old the said this to my face why dont you just get pregnaunt with a turkey baster cause you clearly arnt getting anywhere with dating sene thing is the reason why isnt because im huge its because im still not over this one guy who died but i dont want them to know that asits personal too me and now you and millions of others lol they are too cruel too trust with that knowledge anyway im 5ft 2 inchs 18 stone yes i think ,ore big girls should have fun but people see us as a diease to cure hense why they dont think they just say

Hot sexy passionate ones do too.