Obessive Love Affair

Dear Coffee,


You know how I love you; I am obsessed with you. I just can't get enough of you. This isn't healthy. I think I need to spend more time with water. I know, water is nice, reliable, good for me....so boring. I am not saying we can never see each other; I couldn't live with like that. Just saying for the good of my health, we should cool it down a bit. I will always love you.




JustBernieGirl JustBernieGirl
31-35, F
5 Responses Apr 29, 2012

What! Don't say the P word!!!! I swear to God, if anybody ever again asks if I am pregnant, I am going to the climb the nearest tree...and I am NOT coming down :P

Is she pregnant yet?!

ok im at 1600 pennsylvania ave., D.C.

Yes please :)

cookin up a good ol' pot of hazelnut, mahself. care to join me?