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You can pray any is everywhere!




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5 Responses Feb 23, 2010

This is so beautiful, I agree we can pray anywhere, anytime.

Yes you can, and the answer may not be right away, or as you like, but it will be there.

Dear friend, God Bless you..U always treat me with the great respect..and we both know God never makes mistakes!..May UR life be blessed *ALWAYS* and U and I will dance sing in *Paradise too*lov this saying *destiny unites beautiful souls..hugs ..lov sent always!!<br />
U are a sent blessing!! thank *You* for U Bro in Christ!!<br />
<br />
But love ye your enemies.and do good...and your reward shall be great! Luke 6:35<br />
<br />
{{{MuuuWhaaa}}} {{Happy Dance}}}{{SOON in HEAVEN *Paradise* :-)

Luv thank U!! God Bless U! {{HUGS}} dear sister in Christ! UR a special friend..and we will dance in *paradise* all of us someday!! it will be a *Glorious day*!!!

This is a beautiful post Candy. You are right, your prayers will be heard no matter where you pray. Thank You my friend. God Bless You.. {{hugs}}