It's High Time

I believe Gay and Lesbian Couples should have the right to marry. Why the fear?
Kathieredart Kathieredart
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I think the childrens book, A Bad Case of Stripes, is brill' for anyone struggling to be authentic.

Hey! Thanks Tassie. Peace and love...

Grrrrrr. This is a hot button for me. I see too many of my friends hurt by this type of ignorance and bigotry. The fear confuses the heck out of me...whose business is it, anyway?!

Ain't nun our bizness ..... You're so right. Imagine being in love, but not being allowed to marry. They have the right to be miserable too! ( snickers )

Ha! Heard and said that before. They have the right to loose half their stuff too!

Oh dear! Well, I can only wish everyone a " happily ever after" ( wonders what THAT feels like)

I agree wholeheartedly...and will never understand the fears of others when it comes to things such as this.

I truly do believe it stems from fear, but so does most of Christianity.... The nontolerant part anyway.

I believe you know my thoughts on this one too. So sad really.