hahaha.. so lame! oh well it suits!
Arorin Arorin
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16 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Im so cool.

no he just likes torturing me! he is not "too funny!" LMAO he is but only a bit:D

Yeah I am also good that way as well.

XD you two are too funny

I am just that good.

grr you used reverse psychology on me!

my little bowser is back!

argh! bahahaha I say it better!

well I did take it so nah nah!

I annoy you everyday Tommay<br />
<br />
and you can't take it's mine :P

I learn quickly :P heehee

as if a shorty could annoy me.. and you stopped using it so I had to take it!


to annoy you both muahahahhaa<br />
<br />
and you stole my bowser laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as long as she doesnt learn what the little sisters job is.

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY =D Is a big brothers job to come up with the lame stuff ;)