Okay, everyone gets angry from time to time.  Everyone needs to vent from time to time.  But there is no need to resort to profuse profanity!  Really, it gets boring hearing a rant of F this and F that and F some other F-ing thing.  I can and do cuss with the best of them at need...but only in certain company.  Being vulgar in the presence of one's grandmother or priest is in plain bad taste, regardless of your personal opinion of said persons!

Truly, it's quite possible to deliver a stunning put-down without resulting to vulgarity.  *sighs* Ah well, perhaps people are just too lazy to bother learning alternate ways of expressing disgust.  What a shame.
MossAgate MossAgate
31-35, F
1 Response Jul 15, 2010

guilty as charged lol. i do clean it up around certain people and circumstances, but i curse. i may be a woman but i never said i was a lady lol. not all the time anyway,