I Wanna Belike A Re-chargeable Battery But I'm Tired From This Road

I mentally feeling drained from the ordeal of being high and drunk off my ***,in the past. Every since less then a month in highschool,up until Febuary of this year I have been smoking weed almost daily.Every since about 10th grade I have been smoking cigarretes damn near daily up until Marach 27th of this year.Always I would skip school with some of my so"called buddies" at that time.But it was so much fun I knew what I was doing was wrong but it felt so new an experince so much fun.Skipping school and smoking became a routine a drug and a habit for me. It was hard for me to stop reguardless if sooner or later I would get caught by truancy my cities probabtion people i guess.Got locked up in juvey a couple of times about 3-4.longest I've been to juvinelle little jail was for 30 days.it was like a cake walk but i wasnt socially there yet so it wasnt like in the movies for me lol.but yea i remember one-time i picked my cell door open and i ******* in a milk carton and threw down the hallway lol.it was so funny the guard was like"Oh what the hell,Oh hell naw"Thomas!!Thomas!!!We got some more of that Stuff!!!"as he yelled down the hall.(thomas was another guard)btw long story short the saw me on camera and i was scared b/c appaerntly throwing fluids or feces is agianst the law who knew??but it was just idk i wanted to **** with them b/c i was stuck the that place and was bored.but yea got out in 30 days my first day out went back to smoking cigs again bad mistake.still kept on skipping school i hadnt learnt my lesson i drank one cap full of bleach one time just to get myself system cleaqn from wwed.Bad dumb mistake it burnt like i hell i was choking on air and water and tasted bleach for hours.But I feel bad my mom had to be alot of money to get me out of juvienlle legal trouble.Its my fualt but I wish I never meet those guys Shawn"this white guy claims he saw me and was like I'm gonna get this dude high right here"and bad thing os I let him.Now of course he didnt say it out loud but i felt like he just wanted to **** me up just b/c of his own reason and he was already ******.But we remianed buddies throughout highschool.Now I'm off that road thanks to GOD/JESUS/HOLY SPIRIT.He have me the idead and willpowr to get through all the weed drinking i was doing so now I am sober and system repairing.FIN now I need more ambition GOD to make something of my life before its to late.
lonleystoner lonleystoner
22-25, M
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Amen! Praise God! keep your focus on God.