Bite Me You Mean Little Troll

Did you ever occur to you why people blog-type post in that "private" FB group? Maybe they don't have anyone else they can tell this to? Maybe they can't post it on their actual blog or FB status because they don't want someone to see it. Maybe they don't want to start an anonymous blog because they want an opinion from people that know them better than a stranger on the 'net. 

I've got psychological problems, I'll admit that. Problems I don't tell my family because I come from a family that doesn't believe mental illnesses are real. I thought I had found a group of people who share my hobby of knitting to confide in. There are other things that happen to me that I would like some opinions on. Again, things I don't want my family knowing about because I'd just be harassed about them.

Take the mice poo I found last night. My mom would see that I'd be called nothing but "dirty" and "unclean" despite my apartment being cleaner and less cluttered than her house. She'd never let it go. Even though I'm 38, she'd bully her way into my apartment and "help" me clean. Berating me the entire time. This is why I need a space to air out my frustrations and such to get some insite and opinions from people that I've been chatting with online for over a year.

If it weren't for three actual friends I get together with on occasion, I'd be gone from that group in an instant. Honestly, if it weren't for one of those three people, I probably would have never been invited to the group.

FU and the horse you rode in on. I once thought you'd be a fun person that I would like to get to know. But after today, that's not the case.
DietIcedTea DietIcedTea
36-40, F
Aug 5, 2011