I'm Not Even Canadian

Somehow, I picked up the habit and find myself using it often.

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Not bad atall ;)

Not so bad, eh?

LOL.. hey, Juan, thanks for the compliment. (He gives a very good explanation of the difference between the two, eh?) ;)

There is a big difference between "hey" and "eh".<br />
It seems to me that "hey" is an interjection expressing the need to get one's attention. <br />
<br />
Example:<br />
<br />
Hey, Dee67 dig the groovy avatar.<br />
<br />
On the other hand, "eh" usually comes at the end of a sentence and invites another to confirm that they understand what has been said. If written properly, it should be followed by a question mark.<br />
<br />
Example: Dee67 has a pretty groovy avatar, eh?<br />
<br />
Note: "eh" is often substituted with the following phrases:<br />
--know what I mean?<br />
--don't you know (or if you are from Minnesota or the Dakotas you might say "donchaknow"<br />
--know what I'm sayin'?

LOL.. I didn't believe I said 'eh' very often.. until my husband's nephew from Florida came and stayed with us for a week.. and he gleefully pointed at me and said 'eh' everytime I did.. sheesh. Only I think I say 'hey' more than 'eh'.. there is a difference ;)

The funny thing is, nobody seems to notice. Perhaps I've been doing it for so long that it sounds natural.

Ah ah, we had it first, especially those banana benders up in Queensland. The Kiwis beat us though, they use it as a full stop!

Oh wow, now we are going global with it, eh. One of the best Canadian exports *grin*

Weird eh ...

Another easy habit, eh....or wait , that one is an addiction ;)

Must be all that Tim Horton's eh?

It's an easy habit to pick up, eh . <br />