I'm Done

This is bullshit! Every ******* day is the same ****. No matter what I say or do does not matter one ******* miniscule bit. I have to clean up every one elses' messes and then I get yelled at. Nothing ever goes right and I'm always wrong no matter what. I'm just ******* retarded and a waste of ******* space with no brain. My sanity is broken and I can't fight it anymore. I AM DONE!
L96Arctic L96Arctic
22-25, M
2 Responses May 22, 2012

Okay but who will help me finish this pizza i have???.. i ordered the jumbo size but i already had 2 king size an hour ago... O.o.. i need ur help!!!..

you're so helpful.... NOT!

Don't be so jealous just becoz i offered him pizza and not u.. XP

I completely feel ya Arctic... seems like lately **** is just meant to **** up in my little world. **** IT ALL!!