My Story..... Work In Progress..

Well where to begin.... born and raise in Peru south america, i didn't grew up poor but not rich either, even though i didn't have a lot of money i was happy, but that was as a child, i didn't really care about money or other things, and i always saw the USA as the best country in the world, a place where you could do what you wanted and be successful, have the so call american dream, lucky for me and my family we got help from my uncle that lives here in the states and after a lot of money and a long wait we finally came to California in 2001, a few months later 9/11 happen and we were lucky cause after it, it was hard to get to the states because of all the "terrorist". went to school and everything, after i finish high school i didn't know what to do, i was never really good in school, i did enough to get me by and get my diploma, i always wanted to help people in **** hole countries, so i join the military, really got into the whole special forces thing, i deployed and i have kill/help the people in iraq, there is actually good people in iraq and we did our best to help them, i have lost and still losing friends over this stupid war, i was a infantry soldier in the 101st airborne division, i was there for 3 years, on my last months of my 15 month deployment my lower back started hurting, but as an infantry soldier i didn't have time for pain, i had better **** to take care of like helping my friends in missions/patrols/security of our base, and im not talking about a big base like the green zone where all the pogs are - pogs (personnel other than grunts, not infantry) we where i a building in the middle of the city, where if we get attack the nearest help was 30 mins to an hour away, after my deployment i was transfer to fort polk, Lousiana. where i was training units that were deploying to iraq or afghanistan, i spend two and a half years there dealing with back pain and a change of mind set and i tried kepping my mouth shut, cause if you ***** you are pretty much consider a **** bag, but i didn't want to play the military game anymore i was in too much pain, which cause me my rank and money a few times, and almost got kick out for speaking my mind, and going over the my rank, which is a bad thing in the military, i almost got kicked out, and it got to the point where i didn't have anything to loose, so i took my problems to the big boss, i went against my whole chain of command and i won but because of my back injury i was medically discharge out of the military, all my dreams of going SF (special forces) died because of it, i couldn't do sports anymore, i couldn't have a normal life anymore, my last months in the military i was walking like a 90 year old guy, having back pain all the time and pills didn't help at all, my back was killing me, i couldn't do my job anymore.

i been out for almost a year now, i tried different schools but i just cant adjust myself to the system, my back still hurts and i think i started having late P.T.S.D. ( post traumatic stress disorder ) problems, and the ******* VA (veterans affairs) which are supposed to help vets, is not helping me at all, i already been told by the doctor that help me get medically discharge that the only way to fix my back is through surgery but in too young for it....

im tired of writing i will finish some other day, but just want to finish with **** the crooked *** government, **** the VA, and **** this corrupted/ only gives a **** about materialistic **** sociaty, instead of helping each other to have a better world in peace and love, where there is no discrimination, i hope the mayas are right, cause we only have a few more months and this world is going to ****, but don't think of me as someone negative, i done some bad **** in my life but im trying to change, be a better person and hopes the world changes too...... in a better way.
WhoCares1988 WhoCares1988
22-25, M
Sep 22, 2012