We All Are Habitants of Terra

I don't think, God should especially bless Nigeria or America. For Him we all are equal. There's no difference, are you moslem, jew or christian; or white, black or yellow. He judges us for our deeds and not for our confession or nationality. So - God bless the Earth and everyone who live on this planet! Amen!
GinaConvair GinaConvair
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3 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Confessions - catholics, baptists, anglican protestants, shiiites, sunnites, hassites... no one is worse or better than other people. No nation is better than other. No skin colour is worse or better than other. I don't think that God should especially and particularly bless America or Nigeria. Why not then India or Malaysia? Because they are not Christians? Come on! America or Nigeria deservs God's blessing not more than China or Estonia. What I want to say is that God loves all people of the world. Countries or states really does not matter.

You might want to rephase on what you just said, because if you said that God should not bless Nigera or America itself. You are saying that God should not any one. That's not right nor that's the God I serve because I know if I myself do something wrong that doesn't me that He not going to love or whatever. God always is love and will always be love remember that ok. ^_^

What do you mean by that bit "not by our confession"?