T-shitr and Diaper

Iam small and everyone says i look like i am ten or so.because of neurological problens my mom even takes care of me like i am a little kid.for instance,last summer we went to the mall,i had been drinking a lot of water(it must have been like 100 )while i was walking a kid pointed and said baby pants!my mom looked and seen my diaper had leaked.she took me to the bathroom(and it was the womens but they laughed and said he is a baby!)my mom laughed back and said in many was pulling down my pants exposing my leakie diaper.can i help you?the lady asked.sure get me a wipe and another diaper out if you don`t mind. i was naked by then.i work with mentallty challenged .that `s great i said to myself,as my mom finished cleaning me.now , spread those legs,as she put it betwen my legs and taped it.this wiil be all you wear till  we get home.the lady tickled me and i laughed.he is really an angel,my mom said ,i glad he isn`t like his other brothers i`d go crazy.and then we continued shopping .

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me and the kids enjoy being able to freely go out and about around our house and neighborhood on hot days, wearing only a t-shirt over our thick sets of cloth diapers and plastic panties. and, as you can see in my ep profile photo albums, at times even to our local stores, without worry. glad to see we're not alone, in doing this without any inhibitions about people seeing we're diapered better than most "babies and toddlers" nowdays. <br />
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Nice to have someone join in on your diaper change :)