Our First Meeting

    I hate the cliche love at first sight so I usually chalk it up to lust. I normally do not act urges like this but for some reason this time I felt I had to at least say hello. I walked over to where you were sitting smiled at you nodded and said hello. You simply gave me a sly grin said hi which peeked my intrest. Unfortunately I felt like a teenager when he was going to get his first kiss so I did not stop and talk to you. Although that did not stop me from looking back just to get another look at how gorgeous you looked.  Little to my surprise I caught you taking a glance at me. That is when our eyes met for the first time letting me know there was a real possibility that you would talk to me. Although I wanted to turn around right then and there I knew I had to get back to work only to hope that I would see you soon.
      I came down day after day just hoping that you would be there so I could talk to you. This went on for a week or two and I was finally giving up hope feeling that I had missed my only chance to talk to you. I was so distraught that I had decided I was going to stay in for lunch and not waste my time. But my heart told me one last chance before I give up on you. So I decided why not so off I went. As I turned the corner there you were sitting at the same table. I thought to myself here's your chance go talk to her and let the chips fall where they may.
     As I walked towards your table I noticed you looked up at me and smiled like you were happy to see me. When I got to your table you said hello before I could say a word which made all the worries that I had go away. I said hello and introduced myself to you. Your name was Maria and you had the most gorgeous beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen in my life. I asked you if I may sit down with you to talk and get to know you better. You were being kind and said yes so began by asking you how your day was going and small chit chat just to break the ice that may have been between us. You just giggled and said it was going good and then you asked me if that is all I wanted to know about you. I said no and asked for your number so I could call you sometime due the fact I had to get back from lunch now. You cordially gave me your number and said  I hope to hear from you soon. I replied you soon will then smiled at you and left....
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aww i wish you all the best!

Awwww.... This story gave me warm fuzzies!!!!!