I love saying hi to strangers every where. whether if its at the store, in my car, or in a low populated area. I say hi to about 10 people i never seen before everyday. I only say hi to guys cause i don't like old people and i never gotten along with girls from my school. Anyways my family thinks i should stop doing what i love cause they think in gonna get kidnapped murdered then dumped in a dumpster somewhere far away. What should I do?
girlytomboy girlytomboy
1 Response Aug 4, 2011

girlytomboy, u really should be careful. u could get hurt very badly especially if u dont even know them. i say hi to people i don't know too but i have my fiance with me most of the time, but when he isn't around he tells me to be careful. i got raped by somebody who i didnt really know that well. but that is a different story. as a friend or who wants to be your friend, please be careful. This is rodeoqueen