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There are a lot of people in Belfast that still look passer bys  in the eye and smile and say hello.

It was of course, more frequent in days gone past, I remember as a child, everyone used to say hello to everyone else in the street

Yet there are still a number of people that preserve this

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In so many places, this just does not happen, which is such a pity. I hope that it keeps going, where you are. Not much of it about where I am!

i think everyone should say hello!

I think this is a dieing habit. I don't see it as much in the younger people.

I'll bet you meet a lot of people with your hello.

It is still the norm across the American South. It would be considered rude not to return a smile and a greeting from a stranger on the street.<br />
<br />
Here in the West, it is just the opposite.