Hope can be easily lost. I think in many ways I lost it last year.  At the moment I'm really seeing the difference between caution and loss of hope.  They can be so easily paired up, but really hope is so important that its not worth the gains of caution.  When things are darkest is when we need hope the most and if we can cultivate just a little seed of it in our hearts it can grow into something so much bigger and stronger.  It can protect us and buoy us through the harder times.  Hope can liberate and help us transcend the shackles that bind us.  Or even just accept those shackles with a smile.  I think thats what all these nightmares lately may be trying to tell me.  One can be cautious but it never means one has to give up hope.

Anyhow its not a big sacrifice for a lot of potential gain and I think I need to start finding my lost friend in hope again.  It asks for little and delivers a lot.  Truly a wonderful ally.
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Speaking of hope, today is the 11th September, a day to be remembered for all the victims of that massacre. I just downloaded an heart warming ebook called "Angel Gabriel
- A Real Story" by Joy LaPlante
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When hope is lost,we are lost.Thank you for this inspiring post.

Nice! Excellent insight.

Thank you. I have good and bad days on that one. ;)

We all do, sweetie. ;)

Hope is what can hold it all together some days.....Cheers you on with relocating yours...I don't think you ever really lost it...just misplaced it for awhile.... :)

always the optimist. thanks sierra mate *hugs*

Optimism is like an emergency raft we keep for when our boat starts to sink.....It keeps us floating along on bad days..... It's a lot like hope!! :)

"One can be cautious but it never means one has to give up hope."

Yes. That goes right along with my favorite words about fear: Fear and courage are two sides of the same coin. Fear without courage is cowardice, but courage without fear is insanity.

I'm glad you're finding your hope again, bro. *hug*

Ooooh. I loved that saying dear sis. So full of the balance I love. <3
Thank you it feels good to feel like Im turning a corner and thank you for your patience with me sis *hugs*