Hope Is...

Hope is a blanket, warm and safe.
It's a teddybear to cling to in the night
A flickering candle in a tall glass jar
That even the most persistent of gusts can't quite blow out

Hope is a dollar given to a street musician
Or a can of corn dropped in a collection bin to feed the hungry

Hope is a scarf, knitted with love and given to one who has nothing.

Hope is a kindness, a word, a smile, a shared piece of candy. 

It's a ride home on a rainy day when nothing else is going right.

Hope is a shoulder-touch and "Are you okay?"
Compassion is so rare...to see it is to see hope solidified.

Hope gives of itself, even when it doesn't have much.  Two dollar-menu burgers and a shared order of fries can nourish so much more than a body. 

It's in the sharing, the act of breaking bread together, that we find hope.  Compassion and fellowship and love. 

Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

this is awesome! well written.

Thank you!

Just beautiful sis. So many examples so little expense. Loved this story.

*hug* I'm glad :)