I often space out... and when I do, a person is talking. And that's when I respond with, "Huh?" I don't mean to be rude! It's not that what the person is saying is boring, NO! My brain decides to click off at the wrong times! :-o

My sister has gotten angry with me, plenty of times... thinking that I don't care to hear what she has to say! NO! It's just my brain goes blank and I don't hear or see anything! I think she realize this now, as we were watching tv and a commercial came on about a new show on cable. She says, "I want to see that show!" My brain had turned off during that commercial, so I was confused, asking her... "What show?" And she gave me a weird look, "On the commercial." "Oh," I said, completely confused, "What was the commercial about?"

And she yells, "You were staring at it!" And I shrugged and said, "I was spacing out! I didn't see it." And she burst out into laughter, "But it looked like you were watching it!" Well... I was looking in it's direction, but none of the info was getting in! XD

So... when I say, "Huh?"... please don't feel bad. It's just that my stupid brain had turned itself off for a short period and I completely missed what you said! :-D


Some days are better, when it rarely happens. And I managed to get through my first phone call with Momo, without the "Huh?" But, last night, I wasn't so lucky! And I felt embarrassed! Sorry, Momo! XD

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2009

slipping into that gossamere fog of out of body travel???

You are forgiven.