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When I was young I had no idea that Islam has so many factions and types, some of them are political, some are religious, and some are a mix! I was dumb or I lacked knowledge, we do study Islam at schools of course, but they do not confuse us with all of this, we study the pure correct Islam that we all should follow, the Quran and Sunna (prophet talk) away from factions and denominations - such knowledge you need to look for on your own or you end up gaining it eventually.

When I grew up a little bit more I learned about the Sunni and Shia, I used not to care about introducing myself as Sunni because I did not really see much of a difference and I thought they are basically the same thing!

Now I know there are many other denominations and some of them have gone too far from Islam that our scholars have announced they are not even considered Muslims.

I hate this and I kinda stick with the thought that there are only two denominations Sunni and Shiites because they are the major ones, the other denominations are like branches from these two, not all but some could be like this.

I’m a Sunni and during a time of my life after learning about the weird things some Shiites believe in, I decided to pay attention to distinguishing myself as a Sunni but after thinking about it a little bit more, I find that Sunni = A Muslim who does not belong to any factions!

The word Sunni means a Muslim who follows Prophet Muhammad, or a Muslim who follows the “Sunna” which is basically following the prophet, this is pure Islam, following God through following the prophet and the Quran! No one can deny that and I believe Shia would agree with me, they do believe in the Quran and the prophet. 

On the other hand, Shia means in Arabic: “I really can’t find a one word as a translation so I will define it” A group that takes a side or a group that departs or deviates from a whole, they gained this name as they took the side of Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) and deviated! “ I will write about it sometime”

The point is that I kinda wonder if Shiites do realise their name indicates that they have deviated and took a different side!!! O.o It is not really a good name and the name speaks for itself and says we changed our way!

There was no Shia at the time of the prophet, they are a denomination that was found after his death (just like all the others), so as a Muslim, why should I belong to something the prophet did not approve?

At the time of the prophet all the Muslims were just followers of the prophet, so they were practically today’s Sunnis, but they were not of course called Sunni because there was no need to distinguish themselves with a name since no other denomination existed.

That’s why I consider myself ONLY a Muslim, I just follow God through the Quran and the Sunna of the prophet. I do not belong to any factions!

One of the reasons I do not like Islamists though I do not oppose all of them, is that they need to belong to some kind of denomination, why do you have to label yourselves people? I’m a Salafi, I’m from the Muslim brotherhood, I belong to this and to that , why?!!!! Do you realize that there was NO SUCH THING at the time of the prophet?!!!

There were only Muslims and I stick to that! And since when there is such thing as an ‘Islamist’ what do you people mean by the word ‘Islamist’, like whoever is not an Islamist is not a Muslim or something?  I know there is something called Muslims, that’s it!

I do not like all of these groups and I believe they are a danger because they cause separation, for example, the Muslim brotherhood thinks that they are the only one understand Islam and that we should ‘follow’ them, whoever does not follow, they are not real Muslims! And many other groups of course would think the same way so they clash together.

Sorry guys, I do not recall the prophet said anything about a group called the Muslim brotherhood or any other group for that matter that I should follow to be a good Muslim, if I’m gonna follow someone, I’m gonna follow the Quran and the prophet not any group or any Islamist on this earth!

I will never belong to any group, I will not even call myself Sunni because being Sunni means following the prophet and that's what I will do, so I'm just a Muslim.

I refuse dividing Islam and “creating” new Islam on our own based on false groups and false people, I’m a Muslim who does not belong to any faction and never will.
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كلام في منتهى الحكمة و الروعة

Asalaam wa Alaikum Sister, your story brought a tear to my eye. Alhumdulilah. Two years ago I went through a similar journey and now I say exactly the same thing;

Why should I call myself anything other than the beautiful name that Allah has used for me in the Quran and the name that the Prophet (s) used to describe his Ummah: Muslim!

JazakAllah Khair for sharing Sister, may Allah reward you with the best of this world and the hereafter and grant you the highest paradise without reckoning AMEEN.


You may refuse but my box is ticked sufi :)

what's your take on this. my dad's muslim he doesn't practice though but he believes in Allah. his family are all devout muslims and all that. now, my mom was born catholic but after marrying my dad she said she'd converted to islam but now she doesn't practice islam coz they split up. even when they were together she didnt really practice being muslim. so i wanna ask, what religion am i born into? is it in the Quran that children should inherit their father's religion? coz i dont want to be muslim. i dont feel it in my heart. i was raised in muslim ways but i couldn't put up with it. i didn't feel comfortable being muslim. so after my mom and dad split i ended up with her and her side of the family who are Catholics. i dont practice islam nor christianity but i believe there is God. i just dont know which God i should believe. pls help me I've been confused all my life.

A relationship with God is not something that is inherited, it is cultivated on an individual level like any other relationship so that means you have to make the choice. I would encourage you to do some investigation for yourself. Read the Bible for yourself to understand the truth. When I was looking to understand the bible clearly I used this website www.jw.org it really helped me understand the Bible better. By all means Pray for direction, God answers prayers and if you are truly looking for him, he will help you! Hope this helps! Take care!

I completely agree with you. My family is shia and I honestly believed that Shias were right for the longest time. I just turned 18 two weeks ago. So during Ramadan I began reading more surahs in the quran and the tafseer of each ayah. In surah al room there is an ayah that says: مِنَ الَّذِينَ فَرَّقُوا دِينَهُمْ وَكَانُوا شِيَعًا كُلُّ حِزْبٍ بِمَا لَدَيْهِمْ فَرِحُونَ

Of those who split up their religion (i.e. who left the true Islamic Monotheism), and became sects, [i.e. they invented new things in the religion (Bid'ah), and followed their vain desires], each sect rejoicing in that which is with it. After reading that ayah I realized that Allah condemns those who split up from the islamic monotheism. I mean I began thinking about how Shias literally idolize imam Husain. They go on pilgrimages to visit him. Some even ask for things from him while they pray? That's duaa and duaa is only meant to be for Allah right? My mother is not happy about me not considering myself shia because that is how she's been raised and she believes that it's right. Don't get me wrong i respect and love the prophets family but I will not make duaa to them or pray on that turbah thing it has nothing to do with Allah or his prophet (peace be upon him). I'm just hoping inshallah allah will guide me on the right path.

Assalamu Alaikum

I agree to almost all the things you have said, with some exceptions:

1. Sects
If someone is following say the salaaf (which we should all follow) there is nothing bad in it. But when someone calls himself a salafi or deobandi and thinks that every body else is wrong , then he is terribly misguided.

2. Groups
In Islam you cannot be a loner. You have to work in a group:

"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity." S3:104

There can be many groups who enjoins good and forbids evil but do not makes sects:

Allah SWT says:

“As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects, thou hast no part in them in the least: Their affair is with Allah: He will in the end tell them the truth of all that they did.” S6:159

“And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves;” S3:103

Bottom line:

Abraham A.S was a muslim
Moise A.S was a muslim
Jesus A.S was a muslim
Mohammad PBUH was a muslim
I am a Muslim!

..... and it is a duty of every muslim to drive the Preachers of sects back to the Quraan and the Sunna.

With love
Shorab C

Similar things happened with Western christianity. At the time that Jesus lived there were no such things as christians. He would have never heard that word. A while after him his followers became known as christians. Then as time went by various people decided that they understood the interpretation of christianity more clearly and slightly differently to others. So christianity broke up into many different churches, with some people following certain preachers and others going another way. But it's as you've said, many of these faiths seem to have lost the roots of what it's all about, which is peace and love isn't it? I don't think any prophets spoke of killing people.

what about hadhari??have you heard about that?<br />
im lack in knowledge about this....

The Islam Hadhari is not a denomination or anything like that, it is more of an Islamic governmental system, it is something so different from factions and it is not considered as a school of thought or so.

That's so true, I really agree with all that. That's how I see it also. Some factions are also really confusing! Like The Allawi Arabs in Syria (bashar originated from them of course) I heard that they have their own Quran and it consists of 14 surahs only!! Alcoholics are not forbidden for them!! and why the hell would a Muslims wouldn't mind blowing up a mosque??! with a tank?!!!!!! His dad did that in the 80's and now he did it too!! I've seen mosques with bullets and tank bazookas all over their ma'aazzen (I don't know the English word) Maybe that's why he doesn't mind blowing up everything else. I can't call them Muslims.<br />
<br />
Also we have the Salafiis and what they are trying to do in both Egypt & Tunisia. I have dealt with them in person and I swear if I went to a Church Christians are gonna treat me better! Also what happened lately in a grand Mosque in Tunisia where some Salafiis started a fight inside the Mosque!! and with white weapons!! This is so far away from the Islam that you and me know about! There's also something really silly about their mustaches lol Salafiis believes that sunnah says so but in fact peophet Muhammad (saw) never said something like that, all what he said is that men should have slight mustaches not to remove it all! It's looks so damn ugly also. Look at Mahsari Rashed face features and one of a Salafii and you'll know what I mean. I also honestly never knew what is a Salafii until they came out after the Egyptian revolution. I used to hear this word but not give it a second thought.<br />
<br />
The most descent factions I have ever seen are us Sunnis and Shia but still a word like "factions" shouldn't even exist in our religion cuz prophet Muhammad and the Quran didn't say so! and we should all just follow what Allah has told us to follow. No need for some silly people to separate us like this.

I really couldn't agree more about every word you wrote!!!! As for the Alawis they are one faction that our scholars even declared they are not considered Muslims, they have weird beliefs like how you mentioned and they for sure should not be Muslims! Salafis are supposed to be the ones following (Al Salaf Al Saleh) this is how their name originated and as you would know, they are one of the most fanatic factions, so what I'm saying is, why they hell should I follow something else and become fanatic, why should I belong to groups and organizations, I'm just a Muslim, end of story! We have the prophet and the Quran to follow, what could possibly be better than that for a Muslim? We have seen what these factions have done, also, we have seen how when these factions left the Quran and Sunna and followed other people became fanatic when Islam is easy going and became hostile and greedy when Islam is very far from this, don't they realize all of this is an invention, there were no factions whatsoever at the time of the prophet! They were only followers of the prophets like how we should be and like how I am at the moment! Thank you, I WISH more people will think this way and stay away from labeling themselves under FALSE names that are NOT mentioned in the Quran, all is mentioned there is Muslims nothing else!

I have studied Islam for years and I have found that EVERY group claims they are pure Islam, and EVERY group claims they also fully follow the Quran. I have also lived in Saudi Arabia for six years and developed many friends there. For them there is only Wahhabism. If you say you are true Sunni then they would say you must be Wahhabi. <br />
<br />
The main problem is Islam is that they have no real leader. Anyone can declare himself as a scholar and gather a following. You could be the next great Islamic scholar/leader.

Now, that's exactly what I'm saying - From those two main branches many groups came into existence like under the Sunni Wahhabism appeared, Whabbis are people who follow Imam Mohammad bin Abdul Wahab, so my question here: Why should I follow him and call myself a Wahhabi? He is no prophet, I follow prophet Mohammed, full stop. They all claim they follow Quran when their thoughts say something else, but my point is clear though, if you really only follow the Quran and the prophet, then why do you need to label yourself under a name? Just follow it, then! There were no groups at the time of the prophet that's why I refuse to call myself anything not even a Sunni because as I mentioned a Sunni is basically only a Muslim and that what I will always be, I will never belong to any false group, I'm ONLY a Muslim.

Those wahabbis better just call themselves wahabbis not sunnis who are Whabbis - Because it is a contradictory, the word Sunni means following the prophet, Whabbi following Imam Abdul Wahab, so if you people choose this Imam over the prophet, then just call yourselves whabbis, cuz it doesn't make sense to take both names, you either follow this or that - Just to be clear when I say a Sunni is a pure Muslim who is away from factions and denominations, I say that based on the definition of the word ( I explained earlier), not based on the people who call themselves Sunni but they belong to groups which is a gain a contradictory, if those people only understand Arabic!