Even though he said that he loved me countless times, he didn't stay with me. Since he left me then I'm not so sure it really was love. It's forever. Things get rough, you don't leave the person when they need you the most.

Arual Arual
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6 Responses Sep 27, 2007

I think sometimes it's just because people get scared and aren't strong enough nor do they want to fight. In your situation I'm sure it was very different.

We didn't hate one another. The timing was off and we knew it. No , when the going gets tough you don't run out! The good ,the bad,the ugly !

I like that poem, heard it before and it scares me while making me angry at the same time. Too many people use hate and love when they shouldn't.

My heart is no longer with me . We met young fell in love,broke up and never really lost touch,got back together and had a wonderful life together,he is now deceased and still with me. My mom always recited a poem to me ....If you love something,let it go free , If it does not return ,it was never meant to be...If it does,love it forever. I believe!

Thing is that I felt that he needed me just as much as I needed him, but he got scared and listened to the wrong people. Brainwashing I's possible. Yes and when I use the words hate and love I choose wisely. I feel weird when I see things online even like this site that say for example "I love movies" I think well I like movies a lot, enjoy them a great deal..but love, lol. I'm that precise.

Yeah some people say that love can come and go or it can change but I don't believe that. When it comes to REALLY loving someone I think the truest test is time. I'm so careful about how I use that word love, it's a dangerous one.