I had gotten into the most CHILDISH argument last night and it was SO stupid!

First off, so you know my thoughts on this, I KNOW everyone has their own opinions, if you can't accept that, then don't bother with me. Everyone thinks different, acts different, talks different. And everyone has their own opinions on everything, that doesn't mean one is right or one is wrong. It just means we have our own opinions. 

Secondly, this person started to attack me for no reason. My cousin had written something as her status and as I was reading the comments to it, I saw this guy, not girl guy, write something and my comment was in response to HIS comment, and again, I was not trying to start a fight or attack anyone. 
Well come to find out I read his comment wrong which happens and is fine. Well in the mean this girl is just on a roll with attacking me. By the time I left the conversation, I have never felt so degraded in my life. This girl ended up calling me, " a ******* racist, spoiled brat, " idiot, she would use the phrase " you people " and " her people " but worst of all, she called me a ****... Never have I ever been called a **** in my life and the first time I had been called a **** was by a complete stranger who didn't know what the f*** she was talking to you... She kept saying how mature in " intelligent " she was, but what was all the name calling for???  We were apparently having a debate, but the last time I checked, name calling and degrading someone else is just flat out bashing someone, not debating... 

So this is what I have to say.. If you can't handle a debate, DON'T ******* HAVE ONE!!! It drives me NUTS when people say they can handle one but really cannot because they get so offended.  The thing is, no two persons are going to COMPLETELY agree on anything, so get over it. Deal with the fact we are all human and are all different and have different opinions. Just because you have a problem with what someone says doesn't mean you have the right to go off on them, especially when you don't even know the person.. 

Sorry.. Just people drive me nuts... and I'm tired of being degraded like that.... 
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Hoo-Rah, ms. Butterfly. & I agree with you 100%.

Thanks! And I have been ranting and raving about that argument all day.. It was so stupid and frustrating but the minute she called me a ****, things kind of turned around... And honestly everyone else that was commenting on it had to agree she was going to far...

Ehh, stuff happens y'know? Besides, you were obviously the better person, so you have nothing to worry about.

sadly yes, wish people would stop making me the target though.
I argued with her, but wasn't doing any name calling. I try to be the better person.
Yea, by tomorrow I should be over it I hope.

That's the spirit! *High fives you*

thanks =)!! *high fives back *

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