Are Artists Crazy?

It depends whether you're on the inside of outside.
When I was a little boy, and through my teen years I felt out of place- like an oddly shaped peg that would not fit into any hole shape. I thought I was crazy, and any of my high school buddies would say so.
It wasn't until I entered Art & Design College that I felt right at home. In fact, there were crazier people than me in my class. If they weren't a little off, their creativity wasn't there. Our end of the college was considered weird by the science and technology people, but they were the weird ones, coming around the doorway of our Life Drawing Studio to catch a view of the nude model - they never did, but it was the college-wide thing to do.
So, what I'm saying is that, it's the world that an odd shape. My peg shape may be abstract, and I love myself the way God intended me to be.
kennwith2nz kennwith2nz
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