Have You Ever Considered That...?

...that because this is such a personal and revealing site, one may not want to put pictures of themself even though they may be attractive?



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I so totally agree with this, but on the other hand, I think there are so many freaks out there that have multiple accounts for the simple pleasure of deception : )

i like it the way we talk soul to soul, who might look 'ordinary' in the daily life can express some real interesting things and idea over here. sometimes it's us unconsciously judge people the way they look though we say we don't.. <br />
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but yes someday i hope i can see the person behind the avatar :)

What a fantastic comment, Leporid :)

The chance of us meeting in "real life"(now that's a misleading term) are so small. I will never know you as more than words on the computer screen. Why should I care about what your body looks like any more than I care about what the clothes in your closet look like? I am sure both are nice, but what has it to do with the kind of relationship we have? We can be friendly, friends even. The Experience Project, and others, allow people to talk soul to soul. It allows us to decide what to share. We can lie and exagerate if we wish to pump up our egos, or we can be completely truthful in an enviornment that has mostly controlable repurcussions. We are free to share our souls and selves. Some of us are liars, some tell difficult truths. Most do some of each. The mind and heart, character and attitude all mean more here than body, hair, or possessions.

True that^<br />
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Thanks for the comments :)

that's refreshing to read , and coming from young women ~ great post and very good confidence.

You've got a good point! :D

I think too many people judge based on looks and stop listening to you once they see how attractive you are. <br />
I find this annoying and i have no use for any sexual approaches...so i don't post pictures. <br />
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