Sign Up Scammers

Watch for people that are in a messenger and want you to sign up for a website to rate performance or pics or just to watch them. Special offers make it sound like it is good for a limited time. The sign up form could make you have subscriptions to a bunch of X rated sites charging your card that you do NOT have a password too, because you didn't make the accounts. And your really screwed if you mistyped your e-mail, because password resets will not go in your e-mail. And if you unsubscribe charges on your card, your card company cash backs the company's then you are on the charging company's black list forever and you cant sign up with that company if you ever wanted to in the future. Any mention of signing up to a site to  "get to know each other better", just end the conversation "cold turkey " and put the username in the block list.
Also looking over icky sites with a live connection having a live voice chat and video with someone who likes that stuff can give you the jitters and a way to escape asap without harassment is cutting off power.

Any bullies in a social interaction deserves instant cutoff from your computer to preserve your sanity while you have it. Getting angry at jerks online isn't worth it.

All this is a true story for me. I think most of my credit card debts are X site sign ups, and other scamy, useless services I did'nt ever use.
NateGreat4 NateGreat4
31-35, M
Dec 2, 2012