"It's All Good"

is one of those phrases that, after hearing it so much around me, has become part of my vocabulary as well. it took me a while to even realize i was saying it as much as i was. by now it feels natural, just rolling off the tongue whenever it sees fit. it's one of those sayings that takes on a life of its own. but whatever, it's all...well, you know!

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4 Responses Feb 23, 2009

i think it's along those lines, yes! i've heard the australian saying a few times myself, i like that very much. you can't help but smile when someone says it (particularly if it's with a cool australian accent!)<br />
<br />
no worries, mate! ;)

Is this the same as the Australian No Worries? I kinda like it:<br />
No Worries mate. (you have to say it out loud).

yeah, exactly! saying it makes me feel happy, like things truly are "all good," even at times when they're not :)

hey atleast its a positive thing to say not a bad habit!!!