View Under a Setting Sun

Today I took my daughter to the playground for a while. There were other parents with their children there, too.  One mother caught my eye.  She was trying to teach her two children, four and five, how to throw a Frisbee.  She was well proportioned, though not excessively fit, with long blonde hair tied in a pony-tail, long sleeved striped shirt and sandals. 

What really drew my attention, though, were her pants.  And as the setting sun shined on her sleek black pants they became partially transparent, like leotards. 

This provided a very nice view of the creamy white (or so it seemed; they could have been yellow, or whatever) panties underneath, hugging her nicely proportioned posterior.  They weren’t, like, a thong, just normal panties that covered her whole bottom.  Her *** wasn’t exactly lean and mean, but it wasn’t flabby abby, either.  Perhaps a scant too big, but who cared?  She was facing away from me most of the time, so I guess she didn’t know how provocative I found her? 

That I could so easily see them (as long as my daughter wasn’t asking for my attention) was pleasant.  Not in an exotic way, really.  It was just nice, and I didn’t mind appreciating the view.  I could imagine – mmm-mmmmm! – the heat generated from those cushiony buns.  Like, why was she wearing pants in the first place?

Okay.  Okay.  Of course she would wear pants.  It was a nice sighting is all; one of those things that made my day a bit brighter.
UnderEli UnderEli
46-50, M
Sep 5, 2012