Not Just Plumbers

I was working for my husband as his office manager.  He left to go to some meetings elsewhere.  A couple minutes later he called the office from the parking lot.

"Go down to the first floor and walk down the front hall.  Look in the door of So and So's office."  I did as instructed, looking as if I had an errand or message to deliver.  I walked toward the office, took a gander through the open door, and OMG!    There was a huge guy, about 250 pounds, squatting down working on the wiring.  I didn't see just this dude's butt crack, I saw the full moon.  Yes, it was hairy.  I have no idea how he kept those pants up when he stood up, but I sure didn't hang around to find out.  I went back upstairs and brought my assistant with me.  I told her I had a surprise for her.  I will never forget the look on her face when she got the view.  We were carrying on like a couple of juveniles, laughing so hard we were in tears.  She never forgave me for that.


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I just joined the "I Love Garlic" group.

I'm starting to wonder if Myo may belong to some "special" EP groups we don't know about.

It's Halloween. I think being a garlic bulb is rather creative. And speaking of obsessions, what's up with your snakes, purple hair, and gawdy jewelry?

What I think is disturbing is your obsession with big, ugly cottage-cheese butts, hairy butt cracks and moobs!!! It's sick, I tell you! Sick, sick, SICK!!! (Especially while I'm eating dinner...) ;P

Yeah, it was pretty funny, and very, very disturbing!


Much. And I plan on squeezing that visual tonight. He's been amazing today. =)

Whoops.........take a deep breath, substitute with visual of hubby...there now...doesn't that feel better?

Ugh. And now I have it back in my head. Naaaassssty!

I wasn't here when you wrote this but I'm so glad I found it...and just think I'm going to go to sleep tonight with this visual you painted. Hehehehe

Whacko, I love the squeeze you put on on this! It seems some butts have evolved in much larger proportion than others. The hair is quite neanderthal, though, don't you think? <br />
No, he had no idea we were looking. We were like schoolkids sneaking around and then running off like giggling fools.

In that respect, this guy was a veritable daredevil. Makes me think about the bug up your butt, and I don't want to see that either. X^O

Lilt, how do you pick sexy repair people? I've had some real winners show up at my door. I try to be pleasant, though, like I might smile and say, "Nice tooth!" I have yet to say, "Nice ***!" I just disappear and let their butts catch all the fresh air needed.<br />
Whacko, you're right. We kept asking how on earth he couldn't feel the cold air on his butt. We laughed so hard that day we couldn't breathe. Definitely cheap entertainment!

There are two different repair men at work. <br />
<br />
One I call "cowboy man" because he always wears western styled shirts, levi's that must be at least 28X38 because he is so skinny and tall and his cowboy boots.<br />
<br />
The other repair man I call "butt crack guy". His butt crack is so unappealing to look at, but he does a great repair job on any item he is asked to fix!!!

Myo... I'm so sorry you had to see that... hehe

This is why I only hire sexy repair people.

No kidding! This guy was like something you'd see in a skit on SNL!

And why is always the ugliest butt?

This was no joke.