Pwetty Pwease!

I am saying it as nicely and as cute as I can you guys...come on, you know you can't resist your big kitty cat, now go and help someone right now.

I know you "need" to do this and you "have" to do that, but those things aren't sitting all alone somewhere in the dark, staring out a cold window and hurting inside right now.

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Nice of u.

Its good dear.......

nice gesture Chron

I give you a thumb up buddy.

Awww, your such a sweet Kitty-King! I helped out hubby in his office because his secretary is sick. I hope that counts.

love the post its kind loving and not in the least selfish, theres always someone needing help....why do people forget them?

Thats why your king of the jungle :)

*loves on her Chroni* I'm a Healer, so I sooooo understand!

**big kitty nuzzles** and when we are busy thinking of others, it keeps us from dwelling on our own problems, right my king? xx