*picks Up Paint Brush*

id paint it black only because in the blackness we could only find light correct? in pitch black you cant see worth sh!t, but what ever light might escape into that dark place. in black its easiest to find the light. in a dark room you sit and wait, and you soon could see where the light is coming from, where ever light is show. in the darkness light can be seen the easiest. so lets paint it black and change the world. 


if not i will paint my part black :P 

Sitchiba Sitchiba
16 Responses Feb 17, 2010

lmao i guess you never told her to look where the sun dont shine.

My college roommate, now husband, painted his room black.<br />
Our landlady wasn't too happy about it. I guess she never saw the light.

ha ha ALLOT more than tea thats for sure ha ha i live to far from the city, theyd charge me more just for the trip :P

lol oh i'm sure it's easy enough to install....what do you think the reaction of the local contractor would be if you asked them to build you one?? ha ha...

*giggles* i dont know but im jealous lmao

LOL oh it's not what you're thinking hon, it's when i have to cook...using the mortar and pestle can be loud...previous owner must've had it installed, what do you think they were thinking?? :D

O.O.......................................<br />
<br />
*GULPS* ok..... sound proof huh? *caughs* umm thats... interesting... why is it sound proof?

erm how 'bout you start in my dungeon....*points to the walls* yeah these walls are soundproof :D muahahahaha!!

ha ha thanks again. *sucks staw* so.. O.o what room shall we be painting??

hey this is not 7-11, there's no big gulp here...*gives sithiba the pitcher and a straw*

ha ha i want a BIG thing of ice tea :D and thank you.

one iced tea coming up!

eh... i dont like cookies but i could have and ice tea :D

sure, i can't be too picky now can i if i'm just paying you in pie---oh wait, i just checked my kitchen...the cook didn't bake any pies, will cookies do?

ha ha if i can paint smiley faces first and paid in pie :D

you had me at "picks up paint brush," would you like to come over and paint my house? oh and bring some paint and rollers will ya...