Don't Want To Give Up

No matter what has come into my life, I have always had to work hard for what I earned. I get nothing for free. And that is fine with me. I do not ask for anything except to be able to move ahead for something that I deserve. When I don't, I may get discouraged, but I always have to tell myself that I just have to try harder and that it was just not meant to be. It makes me move toward something and hoping that it will be positive.
As well as my kids. I spend my money on them so that they can be happy in getting involved and spending some time together. I take my boy to karate class or I'll take my girls shopping to some cool little boutique that I will find. I go to school so that I can have an education and a get a great job so I don't ever have to worry about myself or the kids financialy. But, right now, it is school time and working at a pay that just barely cuts it with raising three kids.
I look at the day outside my window every morning, and wonder if this is the day that I will be able to show if what I have done will make a difference. But, I am grateful for what I have right now and thank God that I have faith in myself to keep moving and pushing myself to make a better life. :)
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Jul 22, 2010