Share Your Feelings

If someday you open up your heart to someone and are intimate with them, give hugs, kiss on the cheek and forehead. Ask about things they like, looking into their eyes. Talk about „God“, life and you, be also silly. Make them „mad“, tease them and let be provoked...They will scream, hit, pinch or even bite you (all in a tender way, I hope), but they will like that. Praise them, not all the time, but do it, make them feel special and smile, make them laugh and cry with you too. Let them know the real you, also your darkness. And then, when you're in love, tell you love them, don’t wait to say 'me too'.  Life is short, love while you can...share your feelings, you never know what can happen in the next minutes.
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11 Responses May 15, 2011

Nicely put princess....

I really love this n i wish everyone in love knew how to practise it...

super totally agree!! When I close to someone, sometimes I worried that someday they'll know my past, my dark past, I scared and start thinking I'll alone again if they knew my dark past. But, it just makes me more bad to lie to them.

Hi everyone who want to talk to im new to this site,i want a friendly friends.

Beautiful words and feelings Princess

Miss princess I love this. Passion comes along so rarely in our lives, so when it does grab it by the reins and hold on tight, no matter what! Laugh, cry, play, learn how special what you have is. Don't ever let it go! Work on it, love the beauty of it. Share every ounce, and drink in every bit of your partners. Never let the best thing that's ever come your way disappear. How enriching you have put it all. Bravo

Wise words Princess

do it while you can, you just never know.

Thanks Tender...",,,the real you, also your darkness..." .... allowing the vulnerabilities to show,, scary but the only real way to the playfulness too!:)

Yes life is too short, and if you love someone let them know.

Sound as apology of real Love - pretty words & so right :)