This is not a poem. Neither it is a novel story or some sort of anecdote. This is a simply advice from the author to anyone who thinks that his or her life is not worth of living. This is the message to anyone who thinks that self-loving is sin while self-killing is some soft of brave and blissful thing.
I personally have read many articles based on suicide prevention and to be honest I found them too cold and formal to be efficient. Sometimes, it sounded like: I know your problems, but here the deal: help me and my friends (doctors) financially and I will help you psychologically.
This is not that kind of help which anyone of you seeks doesn't matter how rich he or she is.
In order to save yourselves from the suicide, accept a series of facts which I am going to dictate you with all your mind and all your heart. Accept them now, or you will accept them later through the hard way.
First of all, loving yourself is very and very good thing. Trying hating yourself is very and very bad thing. Killers and maniacs never truly love themselves. For the rest of their lives they carry on proving themselves and other people how to hate, but not love them.
Secondly, you are here because someone here needs you. Think about the closest ones. If you have loving parents, remember your mother. She gave you a birth, because she wanted you to be in her life. How about your sister, or wife? Oh husband? Could you imagine what's going to happen to him or her ones this person finds out that his closed friend committed suicide? I could tell you that she or he would lose desire to live. Your action served a horrible example of solving the problems. Imagine your dear friend tossing helplessly in his or her bed with great fever and waiting for death to come. The food is roting on the plate, glass with half fermented juice is on the table. No one to help, no one to comfort. Not even you, because you committed suicide. Suicide is cause of mass murder. So if you kill yourself, you automatically kill the ones whom you loved so dearly. I know if one of my friend wants to really hurt me, and break in pieces, he needs to do something really nasty. It is not betrayal, it is not insult, it is not even some sort of cheating or stealing. It is suicide. Darn, how scared I'd be, thinking that I might be next on life for self-killing. So, before committing suicide, think whom you about to hurt. Think that suicide never comes alone but brings the other ones. You kill yourself - you kill the closed ones.
Thirdly, life is worth living. Look around you. You are not as poor as you think. Look around, I bet that you have some interesting books which you haven't read or wouldn't mind to
read again. You may have nice computer, cool bicycle, or nice furniture. I personally have my home stereo sound system. But the most important thing is what you have is filling of high responsibility to ones you love. You also have earth with majestic forests and rivers. You have blue sky with puffy clouds above your head. And those thing you cannot get for money. And those things are the most valuable things in the world! How could you deny them by killing yourself!
The fourth fact and I want to understand it correctly: you are not alone in this world which is so unfair to most people living on the Earth. Yes, this world is very often is very cruel and and unfair. That is why there are some many people who wanted want and will want to kill themselves. The list of suicide commitment is pretty much endless. People committed, commit, and will think about suicide and commit suicide. You are not alone thinking that your life is not worth of living. So, don't be embarrassed. My dear friend, year ago I also was thinking about killing myself and I called myself a Christian!
The fifth fact: if your heart is hard found your inner friend. I am talking about You and I am talking about God. Yes, believe in yourself, trust yourself, be friend to yourself and if you are willing accept God which I believe you have already done. Otherwise you wouldn't even read through this article. Don't question too much about God's decision and his way of going, just think that kind of friend will make your life more peaceful. Many people who believed in God where able to overcome struggles which other non-believers failed to deal with. If you start believing in God know that you start believing in words of ultimate wisdom. You will stop listening to evil voices calling you to kill yourself, because you know that those kind of voices also call to kill others, to envy, to rob, and to lie. Get rid of evil thoughts and invite the thought of ultimate positive nature and unconditional love.
The sixth fact: if you still feel that you need a help from professional, be very cautious. There are many doctors so called professionals who make fortune upon your trouble, calling you mentally sick women or men and sucking the money and life from you(yes, life from you) by prescribing very dangerous drugs. Strong chemical medication have never ever helped anyone in preventing suicide thoughts. Don't trust drugs too much and never ever underestimate their impact. Don't overdose yourself, and never let anyone do such thing to you. If your drugs start munching you, call the doctor immediately and inform him or her that you are going to stop consuming that medication. Please, do that. Don't let anyone, even if he or she is the most honoured doctor to make mentally de-gradated person out of you who wouldn't be able to make a tea for him or herself.
The seventh fact: it is not earning or winning large amount of money, not getting great job (especially for males), not even getting a good spouse (especially for females) what defines the greatest success, but everlasting spiritual strength. No matter what is happening: you are always tend to be positive, always tend to be joyful. You learn how to take things easy. You know that this world is unfair but you don't let that thing let you down. You learn how to accept little things in your lives and don't expect a lot from the others and yourself as well. Your life becomes less and less disappointment to you. So many people start really and really appreciating you: there are some much love from you, I want you to be my co-worker, I want you to be my partner and I want you to be my friend.
So lean on me, if you are not strong. I will be your friend and I will help you carry on. Because, I know that sometimes I will also be down, and you will be one whom I could lean on.
So, promise that you will not kill yourself. Promise to yourself and also to God if you are willing. That's right. Now, start new life.
Craney1 Craney1
Aug 18, 2014