First Time My Husband Wear Saree On My Birthday & He Is Looking Like A Women.i...

husband can't wear my saree every saturday ? How can I convince my husband to dress like a woman?My husband has a cute face,longish hair,slight build and very pretty eyes.I am curious to know how he wd look if i dressed him up as a girl.How do I convince him to do it on every sat/sunday.And what shd i make him wear...Skirt blouse?salvar kamez?saree?jew? make up?I see lot of girls dress up their BFs and husbands and brothers when they lose a bet....does that work? Shd i try that? one night i asked my husband to dress up like a girl saying that its very difficult to be a girl.he agreed and on one sunday when he is at home i dressed him up as a girl in a saree with earrings,a good long hair wig,bangles,high heels,and other ornaments.he even did not object when wearing the inner wear.he looks very pretty and this made me unable to recognise him as a man.i would have taken him out to my friends,but he did not agree for that.I loved him so much to be dressed like a girl.i requested him to have all my dresses.
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The writer of this story is a man.

nice story dear, but i m confuse that u r a man or woman?