My Hair Has Unresolved Issues

I am actually pretty happy that my hair is now touching my shoulders.. for the first time since early 2008.

From May-August were probably my worst hair months of my life (see photo below). I previously had a cool modern short hair cut, which I had to straighten every day. But I got sick of straightening it and cut it really short so I wouldn't have to straighten it, however this just ended up ruining my entire look. I had died my hair a nice coppery colour, but the haircut itself was just hideous. I'm never trusting my "hair stylist" neighbour again.

And the worst part is I worked at  a camp in July-August where there were 2 boys I was interested in. However my hair just made me look like ****. I'm just thinking one of them /could/ have maybe liked me if I hadn't looked like ****?

My awful hairstyle:

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18-21, F
Mar 8, 2010