Here, Here!

no leaving no letting the bad guys win. no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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love your avatar incarnata

he says i'm always the horny doood and that i am always asking women to see them naked and i am creepy LOL ok maybe i do ask on occasion but i think most of the ladies know i'm just kidding LOL don't you????

oh i forgot and because i backed my friends up i'm creepy too

well this guy is threatening to get people kicked off of EP people who have been here a long long time including me because i'm always horny according to him.

me too i was arguing with a guy just yesterday about the same subject after he and another person attacked a friend of mine in his blog. they called my friends bullies and said that they should just block people they disagree with but i noticed he didn't have one of them blocked and when i disagreed with him and said he was the bully, instead of blocking me he baited me into commenting further and arguing with him. it was stupid on my part but whatever its over and done with i flagged the blog and hopefully EP will take action. i don't think they will though cause he didn't mention names in the body of the blog itself just in the comments

i agree but as soon as EP kicks them off they create a new profile and a new name and come back and start right back in on the person they have chosen not to like.

yeah she did. the bastards ran her off