Separation Of Church And State

I supported Prop 8, but not because I'm opposed to gay or lesbian couples. It's because I think the government should get out of the "marriage" business all together and leave that to the churches/religion.  By legalizing same-sex marriage without this distinction (i.e. Porp 8), you hold the churches legally responsible to perform "legal" marriages against their beliefs or risk discrimination lawsuits.  It should be OK for churches, based on their beliefs, to choose not to marry people of the same sex.  On the flipside, I believe heterosexual couples should be required to get a civil union contract from the gevernment if they want to be recognize by the government as legally bound, and then get the marriage through the church if they so choose and can find a church to do it.

Government should be in the business of legal contracts, "Civil Unions" if you will, and they should apply equally to ALL PEOPLE.  Civil unions have absolutely nothing to do with religious belief, and only affects the legal bindings between two people.

Let the churches sort out who they will and will not "marry", and then let people chose their religion based on those values.  It doesn't need to be, and shouldn't be, a political issue that devides our country.

Separation of church and state - maybe our founding fathers were smarter then we think...
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Oct 9, 2012