Hateful Proposition

Many traditional marriages of today are far from being sacred unions between two people. With the many failed marriages due to promiscuity, the many mothers and fathers abusing their kids, the many cases of molestations in traditional churches that bring people together in this supposedly sacred union, the many husbands that abuse their wives, and the many wives that take advatange of their husbands, I wondered why people would support such a proposition. Well, I've come to the conclusion that this proposition was born out of hatred and a certain disbelief that love is the main element in all marriages.

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ROFL That video was great and it made a good point about those that pick and choose things in the bible to enforce their biased views on everyone lol. Thanks for the video :)


fear of what in this case?


Maury- ...you ARE the father...<br />
<br />
Belligerent woman or young girl.- I TOLD you! That's right!<br />
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Then someone goes running around the stage and out the back door. LOL!

oh my god...so many people maury show outing each other and anxiously waiting for the results hahaha. now that you have mentioned it, i'm wondering the same thing.

I used to wonder if these were the same kinds of people who would go on Maury to out each other...whoa...

I used to watch Cheaters. Omg I felt bad for some of those people

Oh what about the bachelor, lol! I though My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé was hilarious. Though the Cheater's show is very disturbing.<br />
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Oh man, I used to watch those cornball wedding shows. It's so delusional because there's more preparation in what kind of napkins you want as opposed to how you are going to deal when you both hit your mid life crisis or how to be tactful when be keeps leaving shoes and clothes in the middle of every room. That's important stuff right there. If two people can make decisions like what style of a card holder matches the whatever it is then all this moaning about other marital and life decisions can be work out. Apparently that's harder, I guess because it's not a want or product but a mutual emotional and physical need. Excuses I say, lol!

that's exactly how I feel karenoto.

I agree 100%

Sorry...that comment was a bit long...<br />
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(I guess that amist all this silly arguing between hetero and homosexual couples I started really thinking. When someone makes a public statement for or against, essentially their own thoughts of love and commitment are inadvertently revealed. The prop 8 controversy says more about commitment and loyalty today than it does marriage. Least that's what I've gotten from this)

In sacred marital vows, no where does it say I "have" to be a woman devoted to a man. That implication of man and wife is taken to an extreme as a rule instead of an implication. Is that the reason why people get married...because the other person is an opposite gender? That's a bit superficial.<br />
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The real focus IS forgotten. What marriage is about is forgotten. It says I have to show faithfulness, loyalty, through sickness and health...<br />
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I personally had a tough decision of being faithful to someone who could have possibly become severely disabled or unable to have children. In turn, we had to discuss this. Are we more than just partners and company? Have we connected more than just the typical...and can we find each other when our infatuation wears off and life experiences drift us apart? <br />
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People get married thinking it will always be hand in hand. Well, it doesn't happen that way. In a healthy second stage to marriage, we are supposed to get annoyed and bored with each other. We are supposed to find our married identity. We first join. Then we find our identity while married. Then we learn to coexist. Then we can have marital bliss. We can't ask for it all in the first few seconds after taking vows. It is very much a long term achievement only realized after death. My personal feelings about the afterlife isn't popular or well known even...that's another story.<br />
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Marriage between a man and woman is just procreation. Marriage prior to this used to be a unification of brotherhood, sisterhood, and absolute loyalty. <br />
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Then for some unfounded reason, virginity and purity came into the picture. Which equated loyalty to monogamous sex...yes polygamy is the worldly desired position EVEN though it is deemed immoral.<br />
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So is that probably the light on sexless marriages? It may be the first part of the issue. Love based on infatuation, movie styled meetings, and constant rushes of the chemicals that arouse...are temporary. True love and commitment is not boring though it has boring moments. It is not settling although there are compromises...<br />
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...I could go on. I'm still learning a lot and making a lot of mistakes. But I'm learning what works and what doesn't. Which lead me to believe that marriage is much more than just procreation. It does essentially create something significant. It does put boundaries on the ridiculous marry the "dog" and "child" comments. <br />
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Making a baby doesn't mean your marriage is better than others. It just means you had a baby. It's your choice to make that a significant achievement through "raising" the child. But it does not automatically make you a better spouse or more loyal in your marriage. Sad that people confusing parenting with life long partnership. We can be many things but to confuse the two as one is to cheapen the individual significance.