Now I am definitely not a materialist or a reductionist. So I believe there is something greater than what I can grasp at. I believe purpose, goodness, beauty, truth, love, joy and peace are very real, and more real than any of our earthly ideas.

Now the problem with Fundamentalism is that its just spiritual egotism dressed up in asceticism. The whole premise is that we can reduce ultimate truth to some dogmatic formula. To them, God is nothing but some superhuman with superior powers and happened to just be the first. Then to them, law becomes the whole purpose for existence. But we can see why this is, as in their view, their superhuman god just happens to have a lot of power and be the first being, and therefore has the right to do whatever he pleases, solely on virtue of power and being first.

So the problem is all ego to begin with. It operates on the premise that ultimate truth is reducible to some superstitious concepts. But this is how most Fear based religions work. Its egotistical at best, since ultimate reality can be reduced to their small minded, egoic idea's. Then this brings up more questions about how these people can be so certain that their version of truth is the absolute truth. They cant be, their faith is in their own egoistic ideas projected on some flying spaghetti monster of their own making. Plus, have you ever noticed, God happens to be in total agreement with the Fundie? Even if every Fundamentalist is different. Except they agree with one thing, if you dont agree with them, you deserve to burn in hell. So its really just a copout to cover up their own judgmentalism.

Then there is the whole asceticism of Fundamentalists, where they claim to be unworldly. But they are looking at worldliness in a dualistic mode. Like the current world is hated, and traded for one that is totally opposite. Why do they think so small minded, superstitious and gloom and doom? Because the world does not think so perversely. Why are they judgmental and intolerant? Because the world is tolerant. No, being unworldly is about transcending into a higher dimension of truth. The fundamentalist treat it as some reactionary dualism where they just need to hate anything that ordinary people value, whether its good or bad.

Now if we look at all world religion, we can clearly understand that they were just trying to explain ultimate truth in meaningful human terms of the particular culture, along with passing on a philosophy to create a healthy society. Now the problem with the Fundamentalists is that they treat the symbols of their religion as absolute facts, reducing truth to mere symbols, and then condemning those who do not see the world according to their facts. Like take scripture literalism. If any of the sages were to explain the absolute absolutely, there would be no description. Thats why early societies made myths. To convey and pass on ineffable truths that the mind cannot comprehend, but the soul or spirit can. Like take in the bible, Gods wrath, are we really do believe that its literal wrath? Or just human projections?

So what is this that transcends ego? It is something beyond what we can comprehend. The ego wants to rationalize, grasp, and judge. The ego cannot handle paradoxes. Because it is supra-rational, and demands black and white consistency. As thats all it can grasp. If we look at the ego, it claims the authority to define reality, and therefore condemns anything that contradicts their narrow definition of truth. But there is so much fear over transcending the ego. Why else would hell be such a motivator in keeping people trapped in egotistical dogmatism? Then moralism is the only hope for an egotist. As only enforcing "Good behavior" and fighting the undesirable behavior offers the only kind of salvation an egoist can find in some worldly utopia. Then this just leads to legalism, and turns reality into one giant universe governed by rules and punishment, duties and restrictions.

So what is the simple truth is ultimate truth is bigger than anything that we can grasp at. We even experience something transcendent, like love, joy, peace, beauty, goodness and truth. We cannot give a concrete form, or even intellectually understand them, but we know they are real. Sure, we have earthly goodness, beauty and truth, but all three in their wholeness are greater than what we can experience, see, feel or understand. Love, Joy and Peace have no opposites, and greater than their earthly emotions. In reality, all three are just too deep to really intellectually grasp at. Now God comes into the picture, who does not fit into anything that can be labeled, defined, humanized, comprehended, grasped at or rationalized. With God, he is just too great for all our human conceptions to even be able to grasp at, or create ideologies. We just cannot intellectually know God, but we can still be at one with him. Paradoxical and confusing? Yes. I cannot explain or comprehend it all. Its too big for me.

ratburn ratburn
Sep 2, 2014