That Was A Weird Moment

The police called me today, if i could come to the policestation because they had some questions about the guy that "fall" from his balcony this week and died! Last week i was visiting friends of mine and later that night 2 other guys dropped by, that was the first time i saw them apperantly i was also one of the last that saw one of them alive!! They wanted to talk to me if i had seen or hear weird things that night. You know whats weird, that when they ask you. simpel questions you can't give a detailed answer because that evening we had a fun and just played triviant with eachother, you never expect that a few days later cops wanna know everything about that evening! If i knew everything before then i would write all details on a piece of paper. Especially when they asked questions about the specific time they came or the time i was leaving pfffffffff, as if i all movements check on my really feel stupid when you sit there!.......
memyself4u memyself4u
22-25, M
Jan 15, 2013