Shame On You, Ep

What exactly is a pawn, you might ask yourself.  Well, in the chess world, it is the weakest yet most numerous piece on the board.  And from my experiences, they always seem to be the first captured by your opponent.  They are the sacrificial peasant infantry of chess.

Which is why I bring this up.

I've just recently brought to everyone's attention that in the EP gifts section, what is titled "Queen Chess piece" is actually the "Pawn Chess piece".  Now, here's a little, faceless, thankless pawn who thinks he's finally getting some must deserved attention and they go and call him the "Queen".  

That's just not right. 

The pawn was pwned.  By EP. 

Mother pus bucket!! The "King" chess piece is actually the "Queen" chess piece!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is mass chaos and I think we might start a riot. 

CuriosityKitten CuriosityKitten
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12 Responses Mar 14, 2009

It looks exactly like a pawn to me, Speechless--and just like the "logo" for this group, except for being tilted. It's currently the 56th gift of those available, and the so-called King Chess, the 55th, is indeed a queen.

I noticed awhile ago, but had forgotten to say something.

I never noticed this, I never paid much attention to the chess pieces, mostly because I couldn't imagine ever wanting to send them to anyone.

Dang I wish I knew how to play Chess...

The King is really the Queen!! Who knew?'re right, darls...<br />
That's so very "drag" of EP.

Not wanting to show off or anything ....... But .... i have a Culloden set .......<br />
<br />

That's what I was thinking!!

Um...I've got...I've got nothin'.

Lets chip in to get him back............ Lets see Ive got £25.00 and some loose change .....<br />
<br />
1/2 a packet chewing ..... old movie ticket <br />
<br />
You ?

I was JUST going to say that!!!!!!!!!!

Ck good point ...... did you notice ...... not wanting to start a riot or anything but ......<br />
<br />
The Kings a Queen ...... whats going on with that !!!<br />
<br />
Think he,s been kidnapped ...... Can we expect a ransom note ?