Actor Corey Haim has died at age 38, Access Hollywood has confirmed.
The Los Angeles County Coroner's office confirmed the actor died at 2:15 AM on Wednesday at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Burbank, Calif. The Los Angeles Police Department said they received a call from the hospital before 4 AM confirming the actor's death. He was transported from the home he shared with his mother, Judy, in Toluca Hills, Calif. to the hospital. Ed Winter, LA County Coroner's Office Assistant Chief, told reporters that Haim's mother had called paramedics when her son collapsed in the early morning hours.
"This morning at about 1:30...Corey Haim's mom found him. He got up out of bed and had been feeling ill for the last couple of days. As he got out of bed, he felt a little weak and went down to the floor on his knees. He's had flu-like symptoms. She called paramedics. They responded and transported him to the hospital where he was pronounced [dead] at 2:15 this morning," Winter said.
Authorities found four prescription drug bottles inside the apartment he shared with his mother, but no illegal drugs, according to Winter.
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4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

rest in peace, Corey. i loved you so much as i'm sure a lot of people in the world loved you. how sad that you never felt that from all of us before you left this world. you are truly missed and were a brother in my soul.<br />
<br />
love to your family, Corey, i hope they know just how much the world loved you xxx

Very sad,forget Twilight,The Lost Boys was the ultimate teen vampire film,rest in peace Corey.

He had so much potential & never realized all he could do. Very sad indeed. He was a good actor.

aw, this is the first i've heard of this..that's too bad.