I Miss You

Today, is your 22 birthday. 8 yrs we have been apart, i was only 7 at that time, but i remember it like it was yesterday. I remember two weeks before your death, i got mad at you for not playing barbies with me, so i hit you in the face with one and you got so mad at me. Hey!! don't judge me for that i was 7 and a child, i get a pass. Then i was trying to run from you, and you were chasing me around the house i was fast for 7 or atleast i thought i was, forgot our bedroom had two doors that open up. Then we got into a fight on the floor you were pulling my hair and i was crying, jackass ran and got his striped black and white t-shirt and thought he was a ref!!! Or the time i was 6 and you were 13 and we made cookies, in our church dress's, well we tried to make cookies, we failed we were kids lol, but mom got so mad at us and was gonna spank us for it, but you took all the blame for it, i didn't understand it then i do now. Shelby they took your life away from you at such a young age, but they could never take your love, your smile, your kindness towards others, your heart for helping those less fortunate, getting up to go help kids in need, but most of all they could never NEVER break your spirit, it lives in us each day.Your passion for the things you did while on this earth, is what made you the person you would've been today.
I am proud to say you were my sister, I am proud to say I LOVE YOU, I AM PROUD TO SAY I MISS SO MUCH, but most of all I AM PROUD TO SHARE MY MEMORIES OF YOU WITH ALL THOSE WHO NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO MEET YOU. Yesterday it rained, and yet it felt as if you were here crying with us. Shelby, one day we will meet again, we will laugh, cry, dance with each other and until that day i will hold you in the one place that you belong my heart.

love you, your loving sister
sammiesweetheart sammiesweetheart
18-21, F
7 Responses Sep 14, 2012

thank you annada

thanks chelzers loves u too!

:( im sorry sam love u u know i do


:) thank you guys!!!

You are very welcome. It is wonderful that you have your memories. No one can take those away

very nice tribute to her. I'm very sorry for youre loss of such a great person. sending my thoughts and prayers youre way!

Very nice tribute. Sorry for your loss!