It's Just Worth It

say i love u...say I matter...say something that makes me feel good...say it because it's worth saving me!

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3 Responses Mar 24, 2009

absolutely! we are are priceless! We just have to remember that we are unique, put here for a very special reason, and we fill a place in the universe no one else can. Before we arrived and after we're gone in all the millions (billions) of years there WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER YOU! HOW'S THAT FOR SPECIAL BABY! :D <br />
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DW that's a nice poem.

Sadness makes our hearts more tender<br />
Pressure is a diamond`s friend<br />
If life gets hard, my dear, remember:<br />
It`s hard that matters in the end!<br />
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You matter, same amount as any other, probably even more!!<br />
You must not let other people to make you feel that way, the strength is in you, find it... i know you can do it... I'm 100% sure!!!<br />
Don't give up!<br />