Better Late Than Never!

I should have created this group a long time ago.

I'm not sure what everyone else's EP experience is like, but for me most of my interactions are at a pretty low level. An occasional "Hey!", a story comment here and there and maybe a gesture every once in a while, and then, on my part, a blatant attempt to flirt with the ladies! ;) In my almost five years on EP I've run into maybe five or six people that I've connected with at more than that level. Soul is one of those and EP would be a lot less fun for me without her around.

Soul is just a wonderful woman. She's funny, flirty, intelligent, and, quite frankly, smoking hot!

*hugs* to you Soul!!!!!

iRant iRant
51-55, M
3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Indeed my friend. A wonder among us.

Well, I can do this two ways...I can say this does count in light of recent events and comments I made that probably persuaded you to do this OR I can accept it as a token of our long friendship with sweetness and sincerity.

I have decided I can do both! I can't waste a perfectly good opportunity to irritate you. LOL So you probably would not have done this without me saying what I did earlier. So there!

But, I love ya and think you are awesome. I so enjoy being friends and am grateful for all you bring to my time here on thanks my friend. You are a sweet pain in my ***. I know, I know, you would love to give me a pain in my ***! LOL

Hugs and thank you. You are awesome but you know what I think cause I gave you your own experience months ago, without persuasion. LOL!!!!

I love doing that to you....

but of course she is, it almost goes without saying :)

Oh, you are awesome, thanks girl... :)