Part Of The Problem

I've known two women in my lifetime who were "cat hoarders". One of them had a filthy barn that must have housed nearly 100 cats. They took in cats thinking they were being kind, fed them, but never had them spayed or neutered. Naturally they wound up reproducing and there were cats & kittens everywhere! I thought it was very sad, neither of the women could afford vet care or meds for the poor animals and it was common to find sick, dying, or dead kittens around the property. I'm sorry, but if you're going to feed them they're going to reproduce unless they're fixed. If you can't care properly for your pets you have no business having them. If you can't find homes for the cats you already have what are you going to do when the female cats you do have get pregnant and have kittens of their own? You're part of the problem. Spay and neuter!!!

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Maybe they do do in city or suburban areas, but not in the country. Here cats are considered by most to be disposable mouse control. There are no low cost programs where I am, I've checked.

check with your local human society or ASPCA

They have so many places to go for low cost and some free clinics to Spay and neuter in most areas it's sad people don't!!!