We Need To Stand For Them

When I die I flyy, so dont you dare cryy

To the Lord I bow, so wait til you're low

So that you may run on fires, while I live out my desires

What goes around comes around, aint that a truth in some pound!
Syrians,palestenians are being brutally murdered rapped! where is media now human rights now??
i feel so much pain for them but wht can i can just pray n hope:'(.
THEre is no justice for muslims:(i feel so help less!
 What will it take for the world to come to the rescue of Syrians and PalestinianS?There are innocent people being massacred and humiliated.Is it not enough for these war crimes to be stopped yet? What if your cries for help were not heard?What would you do world?This madness  should be stopped now and given  humanitarian aid!

I won't cry for you, Syrian and Palestinian and African martyrs, for you guys got much better than anybody do, but I will always pray for your loved ones left behind.
moonii moonii
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1 Response May 16, 2012

this is same feeling of many muslims... ... Allah is seeing everything.. and on the day of judgment.. they all will be punished by God....