Petulant Ramble #813

Basic monkey minds like mine ******* the place up. With luck we’ll be wiped out in the next extinction.  There’ll be a selection correction and that’ll cut us out of the equation. Do we forget how individually fragile we are?  It’s as if there’s some kind of collective forgetfulness I find quite bizarre.  We all feel so safe as long as everybody keeps to the rules but we forget it’s all just a handshake agreement between fools.  Else, chaos ensues.  I’ve heard enough **** talked about the milk of human kindness, it’s as soured and curdled as spite is.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a kind man too; but I’ve seen kind men do cruel things, even when they’ve been following the rules.  Maybe I would do too.  I’d like to think not, but wouldn’t we all!  Underneath the veneer of sophistication it all gets pretty simple.  Black and white, profit and loss, like it or not.   Grey thinking is dangerous, like trusting strangers: Why bother?  Why take the risk?  One can’t frisk or test everyone with whom one comes into contact – let’s touch but first, sign this contract.  I foresee not love but litigation is the way of the future.  The romantic heart is haemorrhaging and in need of a suture.  The chivalric age is dead.  Now we have brokers instead.
Just look at the state of the world.  It’s enough to make one’s hair curl.  I mostly feel it through the disinfected rubber gloves of TV, so it can’t get me, but honestly, it’s a travesty of brutality we euphemise by calling it History.  The struggle for power among men, fought by the poor and the hungry under the illusion of revenge.  No more modern than flint-axe clubbings at Stonehenge.  And they say it’s in my name!  It’s for my sake they’re doing it!  And they think I want them to prove it. 

Lock those laser-guided missiles on target I’m about to open up a new market.  Malls not mosques.  Fast food not fatwas.  I’ll have the oil and you can have Frasier and Friends, to make amends.  Be my itinerant labourer but not my neighbour.  Come and poke around in my ulcer but don’t go bringing your culture.
CrookedMan CrookedMan
Jan 10, 2013